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Watoto is the Swahili word for ‘children’.

In 1986, the Lord led founder, Gary Skinner to a building called ‘The Centre’. While in this building, he entered the Norman Cinema Hall which was a dark hall with only one bulb in the centre of the building. Here the Lord instructed him to move in and possess (Isaiah 62:4), and showed him a vision of a full church with thousands of young people lifting up their hands to worship God. From a dilapidated structure with blocked toilets, fresh blood stains, and full of military armoury, God established Watoto Church. 

Watoto Church believes in being relevant to the community in which it is resident. This is done by ministering to the whole man – spirit, soul and body. Watoto Church is committed to being practical in its love, not only preaching the Gospel of Christ, but practising it through extravagant acts of godly generosity, equity, mercy, love, kindness so that we will see debt reduction, fair trade, equal opportunity, proper housing, a solution to HIV/AIDS – a world changed by the most powerful force on the planet – the power of JESUS’ love… Read More

Watoto Church has a Church Council made up of the Pastoral Team, the Deacons Board and the Elders Board that is in charge of making strategic policy decisions for the management and smooth running of the church… Read More

Two of the core values at the heart of this church is that of excellence and character. Character based on scriptural integrity; and excellence routed in skillfulness of hand and attitude of heart… Read More

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