Watoto Church

History Makers' Cell Guide: 12 June 2024

Download the PDF version here.

Our Watoto Story|Our Call

(Recite the vision together)
We are an English speaking cell-based community church celebrating Christ, growing and multiplying as each one reaches one, touching those around us with the love of Jesus, bringing healing to the cities and to the nations.

Take some time to worship God in song.

“When you respond to God’s call, you are launched into your divine destiny.” -Ps. Julius Rwotlonyo

Why did the picture get imprisoned?
Ans: Because it was framed.
Create and share 3 more riddles from amongst your cell family.

Matthew 28:18-20, Zechariah 4:10, Acts 2:42-47, James 1:27
(Ask the cell members to share what stood out)
1. What do the scriptures tell us about what God has called to do as Watoto?
2. Share a personal testimony of how cell has impacted your life. How has this built your faith?
3.What are some of the practical ways we can respond to God’s call as a church family?

1. Pray for boldness and opportunities to share the gospel. 
2. Pray for OTR24.
3. Pray for your personal needs.

History Makers Challenge:
1. Take time this week to share the gospel.
2. Look out for the History makers Prayer moment for OTR24 every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 8:30 to 9pm via google meet link: https://bit.ly/HM0TR24-PRAYS

As Watoto Church, each time we meet, we give a crane (500 shillings coin / 50 South Sudan pounds) to support our build God’s house campaign. You can drop the crane collection in the gift box in your campus or use mobile money;

• MTN MoMo pay, dial *165*3#, momo code 148775
• Airtel money dial *185*9# Code 700,000
For more giving details go to www.watotochurch.com/give

Please follow our Social media pages – @watotohistorymakers on IG and TikTok and @WatotoHM on Twitter

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