Watoto Church


We are an English-speaking cell based community church, celebrating Christ, growing and multiplying as each one reaches one, touching those around us with the love of Jesus, bringing healing to the cities and the nations.

We exist to honour Christ and model every aspect of life on the character of Christ

We are guided by the Holy Scriptures of the Bible.


Based on God’s love for us, we focus on open communication and transparency. We value people and recognise them as gifts.

We value an attitude of giving across time, finance, resource, heart, praise., servanthood and encouragement.

Our trust is in God alone. We take and manage risk with freedom to make mistakes.

We exist to serve the community holistically – spirit, soul and body.


We do everything over and above the call of duty, to the very best possible outcome.

We believe that in unity with other churches and like-minded individuals and organisations, we will be able to transform community.

God tells us to, “Seek justice, help the oppressed; defend the cause of orphans; and fight for the rights of widows.”

We strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity and morality

We believe that all of life is a sacred act of worship. Whatever we do is for the glory of God

Our Beliefs

We believe that the Bible is God's final revelation and constitutes our all-sufficient rule of faith and practice. This Church shall accept, stand-by, act upon, and adhere to the fundamental beliefs as outlined hereunder...


It all started with the broadcast of a carefully crafted TV ad, featuring the Skinner family, placed strategically after the then popular Jimmy Swaggart programme on a local Ugandan television station, UTV....


The church has a leadership structure, with a Church Council (CC) at its apex. The Church Council is the overall policy and regulatory organ of Watoto Church and ensures good practice at all levels...


Watoto Church owes its growth and vision to a Godly and effective structure, where church governance is carried out by a team of God-fearing men and women... ​