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Dedicate your children to Christ and start their exciting journey of life in a beautiful, God-ordained way.

Baby dedication is a wonderful time, where parents make a public statement of faith to raise their child in God’s grace and wisdom. Dedicating your child to God shows that you recognise him or her as a gift from God and you commit yourself as a parent to being a godly example in their everyday walk. Baby dedication does not secure salvation, rather it is symbolic of entrusting your child’s life to God’s will.


Most frequent questions and answers

At Watoto, we don’t baptise children. We dedicate them to the Lord and when they’re old enough, they can decide to get baptised.

No age limit. We baptise all children; From babies to toddlers and older children.

Each of our Watoto Campuses has it’s own schedule. Please inquire from your district admin when Baby Dedication will take place, or write to us at connect@watotochurch.com

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