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When someone decides to ‘get right with God’, part of the outward expression of their commitment to following Jesus Christ, is being baptised. It is one of the best decisions a Christian can make and just reinforces an exciting and adventurous journey with the Creator of all.

In order to have a full understanding of the need for Baptism, Watoto Church hosts prep classes where open discussions and Q&As are encouraged. Thereafter, a beautiful ceremony is held as part of the weekly celebration. Baptism happens every 2nd Sunday of the month at all Watoto Church celebration points.

Pick a form, fill and submit it at your celebration point a week before the baptism Sunday


Most frequent questions and answers

Baptism in water is a symbol of Jesus Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. We enter the water as a symbol of entering into a relationship with Jesus Christ, coming just as we are, clothed in our old life with all of its habits, mindsets and behaviour and when we emerge out of the water, we rise with Jesus.

We do not baptise young children at Watoto. Instead, we dedicate them to the Lord and when they grow older, they can decide to get baptised. Learn more on Baby Dedication.

If you were not baptised by emersion, you can get baptised.

Watoto hosts preparatory classes where open discussions and Q&As are encouraged for you to fully understand the importance of Baptism.

Baptism classes happen before the Baptism session. Find out from your campus admin when these classes are held. 

Baptism happens every 2nd Sunday of the month at some of our celebration points.

Note: Some Watoto Campuses have different arrangements. Please check with your district admin first.

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