Watoto Church


Watoto Christian International School is a Christian school founded by Watoto Church Ministries. The school follows the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E) curriculum, with a vision to raise Godly transformational leaders. It is located at Watoto Church Ntinda, in a leafy environment that gives it a cool breeze throughout the day making it conducive for learning.

A.C.E is an individualized, self-paced, biblically based educational program. It is designed around the art of mastering concepts and building skill upon skill. The student is given a diagnostic test to determine their proper academic level prior enrolment, that is, the level of curriculum where they can best perform.

From the 3 aged year class to Grade 12, we incorporate multifarious artistic, musical, computer and sporting activities in addition to the school projects to give our learners a holistic and rounded education which we hope will equip them with skills to live their life’s purpose competently.  

Our teachers are mature Christians. They help learners see the world from a biblical perspective; created by God, smudged in sin, and restored again through Christ Jesus. They help in instilling Godly character into the lives of students throughout the day.

We are certain that every learner leaving Watoto Christian International school will gain access to a college of their choice, in Uganda, Africa or overseas.


To be considered for acceptance at Watoto Christian International school, parents must complete the entire enrolment process. Please visit the school for details.

For online inquiries, fill in the enquiry form below and wait for a response.

Please note that when applications for enrollment exceed Board approved classroom capacity, accepted students may be placed in a waiting pool. Accepted students will be offered enrollment on a “first-come, first served” basis. Accepted students will be offered enrollment as space becomes available.


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