Watoto Church


Welcome to Watoto Church. We are thrilled that you made the time to join us and we are eager to get to know you. Find your fit and make yourself at home. Join one of our Cell Family Groups (small groups) in your neighbourhood, or close to your workplace. Use your gifts and talents to build our Father’s house by getting involved as a volunteer. Connect with us online by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok. Whatever you choose to do, know that we love you and want to welcome you to the family.

Are you in need of prayer? Are you facing a challenge and need to speak to someone? We would love to help. Call us on 0776260071 and 0776260007 to speak to a counsellor or email us at connect@watotochurch.com. You can also share a prayer request or testimony here.

Discipleship classes exist to help equip and empower you to get rooted in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ; and be more effective in winning the lost. There are 3 Training Workshops per year, each lasting 12 weeks. If you desire to learn more and be equipped to help others, you’re welcome to sign up. For more information, please email us at connect@watotochurch.com. Learn more on Equip Streams here.

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